Rector of Iscte

The Rectory of Iscte would like to welcome you to the 18th edition of the EAS annual Conference on Dual Career.

Iscte has always prided itself of being a forward-thinking institution committed to include all those who seek an academic education. With that being said, the 2021 EAS annual Conference on Dual Career presents itself as an outstanding opportunity to once again support and embrace all those who seek to have an academic education while continuing to practice their sport of choice. Now, more than ever, it becomes particularly important to encourage our student-athletes to persist and insist on achieving their objectives, despite the hurdles that may have rose due to the difficult times we all are going through.

With the organization of this conference we devote ourselves to build a space to share ideas, strategies and experiences that can make our support to the Dual Career the most effective possible. As a European network we thrive when we work together, and, thus, we truly hope to see you all here.

Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues

Vice-Rector of Iscte

It is with great pleasure that the Organizing Committee invites you to participate in the 2021 EAS annual Conference to be held at Iscte between the 20th and the 22nd of September.

The 2021 Conference will comprise presentations in several areas of interest, such as sport policies, the efforts made to promote the support given by education institutions to their student-athletes and collaborative projects like the Erasmus+ Sport programme. Furthermore, the role of Portugal as the current presidency of the Council of the European Union will be discussed, as well as Slovenia’s upcoming presidency, and how they may impact the development and implementation of the Dual Career policies.

Following the success of last year’s conference hosted as a virtual event by the University of Hamburg, this year’s conference intends on continuing to encourage communication and collaboration between sport, education and governmental institutions while always having in mind the best interests of student-athletes.

The timing for this conference to be in Lisbon could not be any better, as besides being one of the most beautiful and emblematic cities in the world, Lisbon is also the 2021 European Capital of Sport, thus making the 2021 EAS Conference another chance to promote and celebrate sport.

We look forward to meeting you all. See you soon!

Jorge Costa

President of the EAS Dual Career Network

Welcome to the 2021 EAS Annual Conference in Lisbon. Ours is a community of educational institutions and sports bodies sharing the vision of student-athletes fully supported towards successful sports and academic careers.

After several months of lockdown and online meetings this Annual Conference will be more than just a precious opportunity for traveling abroad and meeting friends and colleagues in the beautiful Lisbon. It will renew a mindset needed for the advancement of the European dual career discourse. In fact, during the EAS Annual Conference you will find new knowledge, explore further opportunities, and establish additional connections to fully realize your potential in dual career policies, provisions, and collaborations for innovative partnerships in European projects.

During this event you will be a part of a dynamic, innovative and community-connected group of people and will have a rich cultural life in Lisbon, the 2021 European Capital of Sport. There is no better way to prepare ourselves for enhancing our dual career role in a true mixing international experience with unforgettable dual career immersion.

We look forward meeting with all of you once again, see you soon!

Laura Capranica